Talking about gender and corruption in Morocco

Interview, Long read

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Artraker Conversations – 2 – Ian D. Quick


Margaux Portron, Research and Communications Associate, Artraker.

Ian D. Quick learnt about Artraker through INCAS consulting, which is one of our partners. Ian himself works for ECAS,  covering Europe and the Middle East/North Africa region for the INCAS Group. Ian was previously interested in how the creative community tried to fill the gaps that had been left by official institutions. His interests in less structured, less formal entities working in Sri Lanka coincided with our exhibition Art of Peace travelling to Colombo as part of a week of events.

“Giving hope”, an interview with Yahya Zaloom, director of the P21 Gallery, London.

Interview, Short read

Margaux Portron, Research and Communications Associate, Artraker.

Last week I met with Yahya Zaloom, director of P21, after attending events there. The gallery curates art from the Arab world in general but as the latest exhibition is on and from Gaza I wanted his insights about conflict art.



Transcript of the interview here:

Yahya Zaloom is a researcher in visual culture and curator on Arab art and culture. As a director of P21 his main focus is promoting art and culture from the Arab world or on the Arab world, through exhibitions and events at P21.
He holds an MA in Visual Culture from Westminster University (2011) and BA in Mixed Media Fine Arts from Westminster University (2005).

P21 Gallery
Free Admission
Opening times: Tuesday – Friday 12–6pm, Saturday 12–4pm, and Wednesdays until 8pm | | Twitter @P21Gallery
21 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1JD
Nearest tube: Euston or King’s Cross St. Pancras
T. +44 (0) 20 7121 6190